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Personal Training

My H.E.A.L.T.H. Kick provides personal Training for all fitness and skill levels.

Certified Fitness Trainers provide a trusted resource of health and fitness information for clients.  Individuals want that one resource to deliver the most relevant/significant ways to live healthier, stronger lives.  This includes everything from the right types of exercise to providing nutritional information that is right for them.


Our trainers are certified through the International Sports Sciences Association.


It is our belief that everyone is an individual and each of us is made uniquely different.  Sometimes that means we require individual training to insure the best results for our body. We will find out your health goals and insure that we help you accomplish them.  Commit to us, and we will commit to you.  This is how it works.

The results are waiting and we will show you to them.  Together we hit the goal of hitting the right body composition and we will include the motivation to get you there.  As a result, you will gain the benefits of improved strength, stamina, reflexes, and feel better.

Contact us for more information 678.965.2199

Personal Training Extreme

Take your personal training to the next level. This program requires a one-year commitment. We’ll delve into the why of your current physical fitness state and learn to deal with those things that are holding you back. Not for the weak of heart. Be ready to put your gloves on and go a few rounds with your trainer! In the end, I always win, so let’s go! Contact me for more information.